Yoga Teacher. Registered Nurse. Compassionate lover of humans.

I offer integrated wellness therapies for kids and adults at

all ages and life-stages.

My current offerings include programs tailored towards adults and kids.

My programs draw from my experience with Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Coaching, and my work with Reiki and Essential Oils.

Read on to learn more about how you can work with me or contact me directly to co-create a vision together!

    Yoga Nidra    

The medicine of stillness

Experience the positive benefits of private yoga nidra including pain reduction, deeper sleep, increased energy, and positive improvements of mental health.

Book a one-on-one session to experience a practice designed to bring you home to yourself.

No prior yoga or meditation experience is necessary to receive the benefits of a personalized experience created to meet your needs. Schedule your free information session below! 

What people say...

"Jessie's yoga nidra is an experience.  It's the deepest form of meditation Ive personally ever experienced! It's therapeutic both mentally and physically...even a non-yogi can find MUCH healing in this gentle practice.  It's given me many gifts-including relaxation, clarity and a sense of peace. my only wish is that I could practice with Jess everyday of the week!" - Jenny

"Sitting in a Yoga Nidra with Jess was a beautiful experience. I not only went into an amazingly relaxed state but I also began to receive intuitive and creative insights. The whole thing totally opened up my heart and mind. Her voice and her guidance really set the tone for me to go inward and get deeper in touch with myself. She truly has a gift and I would recommend her to anyone." - Danielle

Yoga Nidra for me first started as the best rest I had ever felt in just under and hour. I would always fall asleep and melt into a deeper consciousness but not remember the experience because it felt like a heavy nap. The first time I took Jessie’s class I didn’t fall asleep and it was amazing! I was able to remember the rewiring we worked through in my consciousness turning negative beliefs to positive affirmations and channeling the fear-based beliefs into unconditional love and acceptance. By the end of class I was buzzing with love, peace, joy and gratitude. Everything felt ok and accepted, even the hardest things to understand. Just thinking of the practice and how magical it is brings the utmost warmth to my heart knowing this is here for me. It is no mistake that I found Jessie’s Nidra practice at the peak of my weakness, disconnect and stress just to have it bring me back to my true self: love. -Makayla 

    Private Yoga    

Discover your center

I teach yoga that is accessible and customized to your body and needs. I draw from my trainings in yoga and meditation and my experience working as a nurse for over fifteen years.


No prior experience is needed to receive the benefits of a personalized yoga program.

Book a one-on-one session on your schedule to reach your goals at your pace. Schedule your free information session below!


Contact me if you have any questions, need more information or want to work together or collaborate!​

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