Yoga Teacher. Registered Nurse. Compassionate lover of humans.

I offer integrated wellness therapies for kids and adults at

all ages and life-stages.

A proud Georgia peach who transplanted to Venice Beach, California

after following my heart and a dream to heal myself.

    I'm Jessie Brown    

A woman in pursuit of magic.

I am a Registered Nurse, Yoga Teacher, Essential Oil enthusiast and joyful wife, mother and friend committed to sharing the gifts of yoga, wellness and holistic healing with people of all ages.

My yoga practice has left me on an inward journey of self-discovery. Beyond the postures and breathing that keep me flexible, strong and healthy, yoga has taught me that life unfolds exactly as it is supposed to.

My superpowers lie in my ability to support individuals through their life transitions with compassion and reverence. In my approach, I aim to integrate mind, body and spirit along with my understanding of  traditional medicine to cultivate peace and health. I believe this creates the greatest success!

Whether you are the parent of a child hoping to introduce mindfulness into your family, the child of a parent with hopes to support their current state of health, or seek healing and wellness for yourself, my goal is to serve you and your needs.

Follow along to learn more about my journey or click here to discover my offerings to find out how we can work together!


Jessie Brown

    Trainings & Experience    

Yoga Nest 200-hr Teacher Training

Sarah Falugo & Lori Snyder

Yoga Salt 200-hr Teacher Training

Tamal Dodge & Sesa O'Connor

60-hour Yoga Nidra Training​

Jana Roemer, Practices of Self-Love

8-hour Trauma-Informed Yoga & BodySense

Gemini Adams

Co-founder of Worthy Beyond Purpose

Highly Effective Mindfulness Programs for children and youth

Reiki Level I & II Attunement

24+ years of experience as a mom!

Registered Nurse (RN) since 2001

17 years of experience as a critical care, ER, OR and Post-Op nurse.


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